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Fun in the Farm

Fun in the Farm

Come on in to Becky's Farm! Find out, learn about and enjoy playing with 8 wonderful animals!

Watch how they move, listen to their sounds and learn lots of interesting facts about them. Becky's Farm is a very simple educational app suitable even for small children. It is full of sounds, colours and funny animals. Scrolling through the app's pages children will encounter the following characters:


1)    Daisy the cow

2)    Rosie the sheep

3)    Oscar the pig

4)    Russell the dog

5)    Tom the cat

6)    Georgina the chicken

7)    Henry the horse

8)    Emma the frog


You can watch the animals move and hear their sounds by touching them and on the bottom left hand corner Becky will be ready to give lots of information about the animals and the farm.

There are also lots of interactive elements to discover!


Updates including new animals, interactive elements and new settings will be available soon.