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Fun in the farm is now available for the download

Fun in the Farm

FUN IN THE FARM is now available for the download!
You can download "Fun in the Farm" from the App Store. Check it out!


Available version 1.1.3 of Animals Live

Available version 1.1.3 of Animals Live!

• 2 brand new animals: the otter and the lion!

Available version 1.1.2 of Animals Live

Available version 1.1.2 of Animals Live!

• 5 brand new animals: the whale, the hornet, the camel, the dove and the rhinoceros! 
• Visual feedback when you touch the animal, an extra bit of fun for the kids!
• Further streamlining of the code.

Minor tweaks to our happKIDS website

We’ve tweaked our website template a little bit, ie we’ve added a new picture at the top and made some other changes.

In the next few days other small changes will take place, aiming to improve the visual impact of the overall website. Also, we want to fine tune the integration between the website and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

What do you think about it?

Update on “Becky’s Farm”

We’re still working intensely on “Becky's Farm”. January is fast approaching and there’s no time to waste!

Six of the animated animals are ready: the cow, the sheep, the pig, the chicken, the horse and the dog. I’ve drawn the cat and in the next few days I'll work on the animation.

I’ve also drawn a draft of the tractor, the clouds and a flower, it's not a bad attempt seeing as the animation will be improved.

This new app for kids is starting to take shape; it’s an educational app for kids to learn about how a farm works, which animals there are, and what jobs need to be done while playing.

We’re also working on an update for “Animals Live”.


Special offer!

One month ago our first app, Animals Live, was published on the App Store.
To celebrate, for one week you can purchase Animals Live with a 50% discount!

Back to work on our farm app

We’re working on a new app. Its provisional title is ‘Becky’s farm’. We’ve actually started working on it again after having taken a short break. ‘Becky’s farm’ was meant to be the first app for kids published by happKIDS.We worked on both ‘Animals Live’ and ‘Becky’s farm’ for some time, but over the summer we realised that it would have been very unlikely to complete both apps by October. So, we decided to focus exclusively on ‘Animals Live’, which was officially launched on the App Store on the 12th of October. We’re now back to our project and our deadline of January 2013 is not too far away so we need to press on!


Available version 1.1.0 of Animals Live

• 5 brand new animals: the dolphin, the cat, the raccoon, the badger and the walrus! 
• The animal’s pictures are now randomised to make it more exiting and interesting for kids! 
• Further streamlining of the code.


Please keep supporting us

happKIDS wishes to thank all the people that dowloaded our new apps: Animals Live and Animali dal vivo.

A special thanks also to those who "liked" our facebook page. It's thanks to people like you tha happKIDS is expanding!!! 

Please keep supporting us! Sorridente

(Carlo, Daphne, Fabio, Sandra)

Animals Live is finally available to download

We’re proud to announce that starting from today Animals Live can be downloaded from the App Store. Just over one year has passed since we started the happKIDS adventure. We’re honoured that we are now ready to invite you to download Animals Live, our first App, which you can find on the App Store. Feel free to download it, try it, and have fun together with your children and share your thoughts with us! You can send any suggestions, feedback or requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll get back to you in a flash!

After having celebrated this important achievement, for our small software house, we’re already working towards future updates and improvements:

  • More animals.
  • More sentences.
  • Framework for the new iPad and iPhone5
  • New graphical features.
  • New ways to play the game.


happKIDS would like to thank you in advance for your support!

Carlo, Daphne, Fabio e Sandra.

Animals Live is finally ready!

Animals Live is finally ready! After just over a year our first app for kids is ready to go.

It is a ‘universal’ app, initially developed for iPad and then made available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well.

The app is probably more enjoyable on the bigger screen of an iPad – when producing the iPhone version, we’ve just changed the size of the pictures, making them suitable for a smaller screen. On iPhones, some buttons might seem smaller but the children who played with the app during our pilot tests didn’t actually have any problems at all…

Today we concluded both the English and the Italian 1.0.5 version of the apps, which are called ‘Animals Live’ and ‘Animali dal Vivo’ respectively. Animals Live has already been sent to Apple for approval. Animali dal Vivo, which has already been validated, will be sent tomorrow.

It’s now time to wait for positive feedback from Apple, fingers crossed!


We’re getting closer: “Animali dal vivo” (Animals Live) is nearly ready

At last, the iPad version of ‘Animali dal vivo’ (which will be called Animals Live in the international version of the app) is nearly ready.

Both the ‘learn’ and the ‘play’ sections of the app are ready and functioning well. At present it encompasses 20 animals. All of them are ‘fully equipped’ with pictures which fit different resolutions (iPhone, iPhone Retina, iPad, iPad Retina), the animal’s name, the description that Sandra skilfully wrote and that Daphne then aptly recorded.

Everything seems to run smoothly, in the next few days we’ll start testing out our app asking our friends’ children to play with it. This will really give us a taste of whether our app works or not; just a few days ahead before the 30th of September, the deadline that we had set! We’ve all worked relentlessly on the app so that it’ll be ready by the end of the month. From tomorrow I’ll start working on the iPhone and iPod Touch code and if we still have some spare time, we’ll add in another couple of animals!

We’re nearly there! Our interest in making apps for children with animals as a main theme led us into this project; will our dream of making iPad and iPhone apps soon come true?


SEO techniques for happKIDS

While Fabio continues working on our Animali dal vivo app and on the English version of Animals Live I'm focusing on the site's optimization for search engines.

What words might our customers use to search for our apps?

  • apps for children?
  • apps for children ipad?
  • apps for childen ipad and iphone?
  • apps for kids?
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They might also try:

  • ipad apps for children with animals...


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To be honest there's still a lot of work to do...our pagerank is still unsatisfactory. We're thinking about the possibility of using Google AdWords...