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Tests on our iPad apps

Major tests on our apps this week.

We worked hard on Animals Live. The progress is remarkable: the high definition pictures are excellent, flicking-though them is smooth and the sounds are realistic. The “learning” section of the app is virtually concluded. Albeit some further tweaks have been made on the second app, we’re currently focusing all our efforts on Animals Live.

We’ve also tested scrupulously our apps on iPad, getting some operations spot on, e.g. the opening and closing of the programs, selecting all the animals, etc. …

Everything seems to run smoothly in both the apps. This is definitely a good sign. As soon as we record the definitive version of the voices for our apps we'll pilot them, asking some kids to play with them and get their “feedback”. Hopefully everything will work as it is supposed to and they'll enjoy the experience…

We’re working very hard, day and night, but we’re keen to soldier on! Sometimes these apps appear in our dreams, though…