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Animals Live is going to be our first app for kids

Animals Live will be the name of the first of our two apps due to be released shortly. The name in the Italian version might be changed, but Animals Live will definitely be the name for the English version, which specifically addresses kids and will be available for iPads and iPhones.

The idea is quite straightforward: to learn while having fun. With Animals Live it will be possible to gather useful information about animals while looking at astonishing pictures and listening to realistic sounds. We’re aware that some similar apps already exist on the market both for iPad and iPhone. However, our app holds specific features that will allow it to stand out from the crowd. This will be true also for our second app, which will be ready by the end of 2012.

We believe that it is possible to produce slick apps even without using bewildering special effects. At the end of the day, everything boils down to attention to detail as well as appreciation of the feedback that children give us while playing with our pilot-apps.

The difference between good and bad apps can be seen through simple things like the colours used, the position of the elements on the interface and how easy and straightforward it is to use.

We’ve put in a huge amount of effort; we literally spend nights working at our desks aiming to get the job done as soon as possible maintaining high quality standards. Especially for Animals Live the progress is noteworthy and the tests that we conducted on the iPad version of the app left us satisfied. We hope we’ll feel the same degree of satisfaction when we test the iPhone version of the app…