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We’re getting closer: “Animali dal vivo” (Animals Live) is nearly ready

At last, the iPad version of ‘Animali dal vivo’ (which will be called Animals Live in the international version of the app) is nearly ready.

Both the ‘learn’ and the ‘play’ sections of the app are ready and functioning well. At present it encompasses 20 animals. All of them are ‘fully equipped’ with pictures which fit different resolutions (iPhone, iPhone Retina, iPad, iPad Retina), the animal’s name, the description that Sandra skilfully wrote and that Daphne then aptly recorded.

Everything seems to run smoothly, in the next few days we’ll start testing out our app asking our friends’ children to play with it. This will really give us a taste of whether our app works or not; just a few days ahead before the 30th of September, the deadline that we had set! We’ve all worked relentlessly on the app so that it’ll be ready by the end of the month. From tomorrow I’ll start working on the iPhone and iPod Touch code and if we still have some spare time, we’ll add in another couple of animals!

We’re nearly there! Our interest in making apps for children with animals as a main theme led us into this project; will our dream of making iPad and iPhone apps soon come true?