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Animals Live is finally ready!

Animals Live is finally ready! After just over a year our first app for kids is ready to go.

It is a ‘universal’ app, initially developed for iPad and then made available for iPhone and iPod Touch as well.

The app is probably more enjoyable on the bigger screen of an iPad – when producing the iPhone version, we’ve just changed the size of the pictures, making them suitable for a smaller screen. On iPhones, some buttons might seem smaller but the children who played with the app during our pilot tests didn’t actually have any problems at all…

Today we concluded both the English and the Italian 1.0.5 version of the apps, which are called ‘Animals Live’ and ‘Animali dal Vivo’ respectively. Animals Live has already been sent to Apple for approval. Animali dal Vivo, which has already been validated, will be sent tomorrow.

It’s now time to wait for positive feedback from Apple, fingers crossed!