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Who we are

happKIDS was established in the summer of 2011 stemming from the idea of producing apps and educational games for children to be used on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Our small software house’s name was decided in April 2012 and the website was created the following month.

Presently we are working on two apps which have animals as their main theme. One of them, Animals Live, will be launched by October 2012!

Sandra Pasinetti

‘Psicomotricista’ (specialist in psycho-motor skills) and ‘musicoterapista’ (music therapist)

She is interested in the sonorities of the world that surround the human being, especially in the sounds produced by nature which are fascinating due to their characteristic multifarious shades.

She loves abstract art and being creative in the kitchen. She is fond of animals, especially her cat Mao! She also contributes to the music therapy blog ‘Musicoterapie in ascolto’ (Listening Music Therapies).


Fabio Martinelli

He started programming in 1984 with Basic on Commodore 16 and then on Commodore 128. His interest in computer and technology remains even if he has also become involved in other things.

He holds a MA in ‘Scienze dell’educazione’ (Teaching) and works in a ‘Centro Diurno per Disabili’ (education centre for less-able bodied people). Even though he is still employed as such, he has become assailed again by a vehement passion for programming. So, together with Sandra, Carlo and Daphne, he decided to dive into the ‘happKIDS’ adventure, developing iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch apps for kids using animals as the main theme.

He enjoys art, photography and obviously loves all Apple products.

Daphne McMahon

Indulging in her passion for foreign languages; Daphne took a degree in French and Italian. Her interest in culture and languages also inspired her to study and teach in France and Italy. Daphne now lives in London where she works in the customer services and sales department for a large theatre company. She is also studying for a Diploma in Translation and in her spare time loves baking cakes and sweet treats! Her linguistic ambition comes from her bilingual upbringing in English and Italian, which is also why she is very keen to participate in the happKIDS project.

Carlo Martinelli

After graduating in Philosophy and starting a promising career in recruitment in Italy, Carlo moved to London to hanker after his dream. In the capital of England he studies Human Resource Management and teaches TaeKwonDo, his greatest passion. Despite his perplexity and, let’s face it, IT inaptitude, Carlo participates earnestly in the happKIDS project. On top of the already mentioned philosophy and TaeKwonDo, Carlo is also passionate about horror and sci-fi stories, coffee, coca-cola and ‘pizza margherita’.